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Stop The Client Chase

You’re busy – and looking for new clients takes a lot of time.

Are you:
  • Constantly looking for more clients?
  • Spending too much money on ads that don't deliver?
  • Hiring more people but not seeing results?

You Need A Predictable System For Generating Ideal Clients:

That's why we built our TriPillar Acquisition System

  • $450,000 in qualified sales meetings…
  • In 90 day…
  • Done for you…
  • Guaranteed, or we keep working for free.

Our Client Results

We got New Jupiter Media $456,000 in qualified sales meetings in 90 days.


New Jupiter Media

We booked Next Level Marketing their first qualified call within 3 hours of launching and $87,250 in sales meetings in 6 days.


Next Level Marketing

We helped Ingenious Lead land 3 clients in their first 30 days and receive a 500% ROI from working together.


Ingenious Lead

We helped Hourglass Collaborative go from almost out of business to having more business than they can handle.
I was totally burned out, exhausted... I was really thinking about just throwing in the towel. […] [Now] we're hitting a point where we're growing a little fast and it's getting like, ‘oh… how are we going to deliver all of this?’ We wouldn't be here without you. I cannot recommend working with you enough.”


Hourglass Collaborative

How We Work

The Power Of Direct Email Outreach

Direct email outreach is our main fuel for generating appointment.

Here's why:
  • Fast Results
  • Everyone has an email address
  • Great ROI
  • Immediate feedback & rapid iteration
  • Not susceptible to social media algorithm changes
  • Easily scalable (book as many meetings as you want)

“I thought cold email was dead?”

Some believe cold emailing is no longer effective.

Many of the biggest companies have found direct email outreach to be extremely effective for B2B sales.

If you’re reading this, it’s like because we reached out to you via email. It works.

It’s effective, predictable, and hyper-targeted.

Most people are just doing it wrong (they’re missing at least one of our 3 Pillars)

What Makes Us Different?

Other Agencies

Sky Acquisition

Charge a monthly retainer. Or they sell you leads which need to book into meetings yourself.

Pay only for qualified meetings guaranteed to show up (or you don't pay)

No guarantee of results.

Will take on anyone who will give them money.

We've gotten extremely clear on who we KNOW we can help – and work exclusively with those clients.

Will generate leads or appointments with whoever they can.

Neglect conducting market research (which is like throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping something sticks)

Follow a repeateable research process to maximize results for all our campaigns.

Will just hope your offer works and try to book meetings with what you have (which is neglecting 80% of what makes any campaign successful)

Send the same copy variations to large audiences, relying on volume to get positive responses.

Use AI-powered segmentation targeting for highly relevant copy.

Save time by using AI to write email copy or outsourcing it.

BrandGuard Copywriting Framework: Protecting your brand's reputation with emails written in-house by real humans using proven copywriting frameworks.

Shooting in the dark, hoping something hits

Data-driven iterative approach to split-testing and optimizing campaigns.

Owns the rights to the process and sells you leads or appointments ongoingly – keeping you reliant on them for new clients.

Give you the option to install our appointment system in-house when you’re ready.

Our "TriPillar Acquisition System"

No fancy new tech will magically generate clients for you…

You need a proven process. A systematic approach…


Unlike other agencies, we establish the critical foundation necessary for successful outreach.

Together we'll create your:

1)  Perfect Client Profile (our "4-Factor Qualification Process")

First, we get clear on who your best clients are. We'll create a Perfect Client Profile which serves as the north star in all our prospecting.

The fundamentals of marketing never change. You need to know your prospect, their goals, their pain points, and how to communicate with them.

This is overlooked by most. Other agencies throw spaghetti at a wall, hoping something sticks.

Even when they book you meetings, they're often:

  • In an industry or location, you don’t serve
  • Or maybe they’re in the right industry and location, but they’re too small and don’t have the budget
  • Or maybe they’re in the right industry & location, and they have the budget, but the person on the call isn’t the right person in the company to be speaking with

That's why we conduct market research. We identify resonating pain points, market positioning, and marketing angles required for successful and profitable campaigns.

Then we follow our 4-Factor Qualification Process to ensure you meet with the right person every time…

Our 4-Factor Qualification Process

We ensure you meet with the right person, every time.

Every meeting we book is:
  1. In the right industry
  2. In the right geographical location
  3. The right company headcount size
  4. The right person / job title to be speaking with

2)  Cold-Friendly Offer (our "4-Step Offer Creation Formula")

THE CHALLENGE: “Commodity Offers” Compete On Price

THE SOLUTION: Craft A “Cold-Friendly Offer”

There’s a fundamental shift that needs to happen when you move from warm prospects to cold prospects.

You need to stand out from the "sea of red" — all your commoditized competitors who competing on price.

You need a "Cold-Friendly Offer".

Other agencies will just hope your offer works and try to book meetings with what you have.

If you’ve worked with other agencies in the past or tried cold outreach and failed, there’s a good chance this was a major factor.

We don’t rely on hope.

We follow our 4-Step Offer Creation Formula…

Our 4-Step Offer Creation Formula

Your offer & positioning determine 80% of your campaigns success.

Our 4-step process allows you to escape market saturationYou'll be seen as a new & better company in the market.

Here's our process:
  1. Conduct market research
  2. Gather essential information on our kickoff call (what makes you unique?)
  3. Extract your positioning from the intersection of the information we've gathered
  4. Craft your Cold-Friendly Offer & Unique Selling Proposition together based on that positioning


Our process maximizes the number of prospects who become clients.

We do this using:

1)  Audience Segmentation

Others will send the same copy to large audiences – relying on volume to get positive responses.

We do things differently. Here's how:

  1. We use Al to divide the audiences in your target industries in sub-segments.
  2. Then we further refine the targeting by segmenting the audiences by job title.
  3. This allows us to create hyper-relevant messaging hitting pain points & goals of specific roles in a given sub-industry.
  4. This increases the response rate and number of bookings you get.

2)  High-Standard Email Copy

You've spent years building a reputable brand. You want to make sure your communications represent that brand.

That's why we have our BrandGuard Copywriting Framework. We apply the same level of detailed care to your messaging as we do for our own brand.

Others will get AI to write your copy or outsource it.

We don't.

Real humans write all our emails in-house using proven copywriting frameworks.

We hold high standards in our messaging to protect your reputation.

3)  Education-Based Prospecting

Prospects don't know you yet. They might not be ready to book a call off the bat.

That's why we use "Education-Based Prospecting".

We work with you to craft a "Mini VSL". It outlines your Cold-Friendly Offer & USP we created together in Pillar 1. It educates them on why you're the best solution to their problem.

Then the call to action (CTA) in our email asks if they want a video providing more information (everyone asks for that anyway)

This helps them check the "due diligence" checkbox in their mind.

This increases responses, appointments, and your close rate (as they'll be pre-educated on your offer before getting on a call)

4)  "Prime & Remind Sequence"

Most people will just send prospects appointment reminder emails.

We've taken that a step farther with our "Prime & Remind Sequence".

It's crafted to build trust and overcome objections BEFORE prospects get on a call.

Part of how we do this is by sending sales enablement assets to prospects who've booked a meeting.

The assets demonstrate your expertise and convince prospects you're the best solution to their problem.

This increases their conviction in your service and makes it easier to close them on the call.

BONUS:  We Take Care Of Everything

We handle everything required to run your campaigns successfully. You just take meetings and close deals.

  • Full outreach system setup: Full technical & domain setup, email inboxes, and ensuring emails avoid spam filters and are warmed up. Ability to contact 7,000 unique prospects every month.
  • Email Deliverability Optimization: We'll regularly monitor & optimize your emails for optimal delivery.
  • All tech costs paid for: We cover all costs from domains, to email workspaces, to the sending platform.
  • Email Copywriting: BrandGuard Copywriting Framework: Emails written in-house by real humans using proven copywriting frameworks.
  • Unlimited Verified and Qualified Lead Lists: We include a never-ending supply of curated leads that match your Perfect Client Profile. We also verify the emails to ensure high deliverability.
  • Inbox Management: Dedicated inbox management by our team, focusing on securing meetings for your business.
  • Lead Nurturing: Strategic lead nurturing sequence, increasing the number of prospects who show up to a meeting ready to buy.


We use a data-backed iterative approach to optimizing and scaling your campaigns. You get full transparency and ownership of the process.

1)  Data-Driven Split-Testing

We have a data-driven iterative approach to split-testing and optimizing campaigns.

Most agencies are shooting in the dark, hoping something hits.

We keep detailed track of your metrics.

This ensures we can identify “small hinges that swing big doors” – KPIs to optimize for maximum impact.

This allows for a data-driven process of constantly improving your results.

2)  Transparent Performance Metrics

You want full visibility into your investment.

That’s why we provide:

  • Weekly KPI Reports: review the week’s most important KPIs
  • Montly KPI Reports: review the month’s most important KPIs

Our Performance Metrics = Your Roadmap To Success:

We use the collected data as the basis for intelligent recommendations and improvements.

We work with you on an on-going basis to come up with strategies to improve targeting, campaign performance, and client conversions.

3)  “Adaptive Growth Assurance”

You want the business development system you use to scale with your growth. It should also evolve to meet your changing needs.

Email outreach is very scalable. You just need the necessary Total Addressable Market (TAM). If we've taken you on as a client, you can rest assured we’ve conducted the necessary research to ensure scalability.

Once your KPIs are in the green and you can profitably & consistently close appointments, we can scale everything up as much as needed within a couple of weeks.

Our "In-House System Installation” Program

Having an agency book meetings on your behalf is convenient. However, you want to maintain control over your business development. It’s the lifeblood of your company, after all.

That’s why, unlike other agencies, we give you full rights to your data and help you install our acquisition system in-house when you’re ready.

This ensures your company’s source of new business never becomes overly dependent on an external service.

How To Get Started

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Partner With Us
Once you join, we’ll set up the TriPillar Acquisition System customized just for you. From crafting the message to sending the emails, we handle the heavy lifting. We focus on filling your pipeline. You focus on landing deals.
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Our "$450K Opportunity Promise"

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